Union Square is Charging into the Future

Union Square is Charging into the Future

With the vision of ‘experience better’, Union Square represents innovation, community, and sustainability.

It means we're committed to driving a more sustainable future at Union Square, which is why we've teamed up with Hikotron, a trailblazing local business shaping the EV charging landscape.

Hikotron stands out as an industry leader due to its innovation, load management, user billing capabilities and EV charger lease model. Even better, they are based right here in Hamilton.

Hikotron's advanced EV chargers are also designed and built in Hamilton, in collaboration with local partners, including Fosters’ engineering team. This partnership exemplifies local collaboration and ingenuity plus an investment in a cleaner tomorrow.

All eight floors of the Union Square parking building are electrified, making a total of 95 parking spaces "EV Ready." This monumental achievement enables tenants to seamlessly install Hikotron EV chargers as they transition to electric vehicles, with Hikotron as their trusted EV charging partner.

We aim to empower businesses at Union Square with the tools to embrace cleaner practices, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

So, why not join the forward-thinking businesses at Union Square in Hamilton? Become part of a community that values innovation and sustainability.

Union Square is Charging into the Future