Company-X chooses Union Square as “a space for our team to do what they do best”


A new tenant in Union Square’s growing Business Directory is Company-X. Now 10 years old, the software development company has grown to a team of around fifty.

Co-founders David Hallett and Jeremy Hughes were looking into new office space at around the time that Fosters started the development of Union Square.

“We needed a space for our team to do what they do best – collaboration and teamwork,” says Jeremy.

David adds that committing to the new CBD development “gives us a level of efficiency that a refurbishment of our current building won’t… we can design a space that’s bespoke for our teams’ requirements, maximising their potential. This is important to us.

“Since we started, we’ve been based in the CBD, within one block of Union Square. It’s exciting for us to continue the legacy of being committed to the Hamilton CBD and to this region.”

Union Square’s ‘Experience better’ promise also rang true for David and Jeremy, who note the challenges of attracting and retaining people with the specialised skills required for software development.

“People choosing to work for Company-X have lots of choice” says Jeremy. “We want a building that is modern, fun to work in, that is in a location that has shops and eateries and is a fun place to be at when doing that hybrid work.”

David adds that Union Square will make it easy for people to come into the office. “The end of trip stuff is really important, that it’s easy to find a carpark, or it’s easy to park a bike, someone can take a shower – all of these things make a difference to attracting people into the office, making it a great experience.”

Working with Fosters has been “fantastic” according to both David and Jeremy.

“Fosters have been really understanding – understanding what our brief is, in fact helping us to define what our brief is. What it meant to design an experience for our team. They have been so helpful,” says David.

From Jeremy’s perspective it was ideal having an experienced team to take them through options and decision-making.

“We have a word when designing software – make it frictionless – and really that’s what we want to achieve in this space. Make it frictionless, so work is easy, and nothing gets in the way,” says Jeremy. “Fosters have been pretty good at making it frictionless too.”

Not only will Company-X be a tenant at Union Square, but its developers are also working on the Union Square App. The app will manage a large aspect of people’s everyday experience in this new business hub, giving anyone and everyone, a taste of what Company-X can do.